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8 Qualities that Are More Important than IQ For Success

Added 26 February 2016

From a young age you are led to believe that the more intelligent you are, the more successful you will be. For starters, throughout the education system you are prepared for one set of exams, after another, under the impression that the brainier you are the better your grades will be. However, this isn’t necessarily...

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10 Worst Excuses for Not Attending an Interview

Added 20 February 2016

At some point in life, as we mature, we will have appointments to make for some type of interview; to be approved for attending school, to qualify for a loan, but most likely it will be an interview for employment. Some people are organized, dependable and own the four “Cs”: Clarity of thought, Confidence in...

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The Top 5 Ways to Beat Stress at Work

Added 15 February 2016

Don’t reach for the chocolate or start shouting and bawling… We’re all prone to getting stressed at work – it’s kind of the point. If you don’t get stressed, then there’s probably something wrong – maybe you’re not working hard enough or maybe you’re just balling up all the tension inside you. Both these possibilities...

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How to Spot a Bad Boss

Added 11 February 2016

One of the greatest predictors of your happiness at work is your relationship with your manager. So when you’re considering a new job, it’s important to know how you’ll get along with your new boss. This can be hard to assess in an interview when you’re working hard to demonstrate why she should hire you....

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Leaving a Stable Job to Create Your Dream Career

Added 09 February 2016

The great thing about careers in the 21st century is that you get to decide what you want to do. And if you don’t like what you’re doing, you can change. While this is liberating, it’s also scary and confusing. The complexity of today’s employment landscape is overwhelming. Managing your career requires coping with ambiguity...

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It’s Better to Avoid a Toxic Employee than Hire a Superstar

Added 05 February 2016

Superstar employees are the obsession of the corporate world. They’re highly sought after, given the most attention and the best opportunities, generously rewarded, and expressly reassured after setbacks. And while some question whether such special treatment is appropriate, it’s clear that this group has outsize influence: high-performers have been estimated to be four times as...

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Bad Mistakes That Make Good Employees Leave

Added 01 February 2016

It’s tough to hold on to good employees, but it shouldn’t be. Most of the mistakes that companies make are easily avoided. When you do make mistakes, your best employees are the first to go, because they have the most options. If you can’t keep your best employees engaged, you can’t keep your best employees....

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The 5 Key Traits Your Team Needs to Work Together

Added 31 January 2016

How does your team work together? Is there trust and collaboration? Or is there poor communication and frequent conflict? You could be a group of the most qualified and hard-working individuals, but if there is a lack of cooperation you will struggle to meet your common goals and the business could suffer. Google recently conducted...

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How to spot the signs of a great place to work

Added 25 January 2016

If you’re looking for a new job, remember it isn’t just the job description you should focus on. It’s just as important to look for an organisation which will be a good fit for you, making it a great place to work. It’s where you will spend a significant amount of time and, outside of...

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5 ways to simplify a CV while maintaining sophistication

Added 22 January 2016

Confession time: recruitment is as much about quantity as it is about quality, and most recruiters work in a permanent state of overdrive to hit volume and placement targets. As a result, successful recruiters are efficient recruiters: those who are able to quickly get through the huge stack of CVs sitting on their desks. What...

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