4 mentalities that are killing your career

Added 29 October 2015

As the economy continues to shift, traditional employment (long-term, full-time) is becoming obsolete. We live in a shared economy. Contract work is on the rise and instead of viewing ourselves as employees who work “for” companies, we now must approach our careers as businesses-on-one who want to partner “with” employers instead. Job security no longer...

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4 ways to answer “What’s your biggest weakness?”

Added 26 October 2015

A job interview is all about presenting your best self—which is why answering “What’s your biggest weakness?” is pretty difficult. There’s no other question that feels like more of a trap. If you’re too honest, you might scare the hiring manager and blow your chances of getting the position. But if you’re not honest enough,...

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9 tricks to motivate yourself to reach your goals

Added 19 October 2015

Motivation often comes from outside sources. Maybe your boss has set a due date for a project report or your personal trainer is shouting at you while you power through push-ups. But sometimes motivation needs to come from within. Your boss won’t always be hovering over you asking for status updates on your project report — you...

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5 tips to nail a phone interview

Added 15 October 2015

Prepare your surroundings ahead of time Make sure you’re alone and can talk freely. Limit background noise. If you did not schedule it beforehand, feel free to ask the interviewer if you can call back at a better time. You will not sound disinterested, but rather, you will sound concerned for managing your life by...

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How to deliver presentations

Added 13 October 2015

An interview presentation is the ideal opportunity to really showcase yourself and your professional achievements. Read these job interview tips to find out how to deliver a successful presentation. Delivered well, with the desired impact, a presentation can certainly enhance your chances of success. However, for many it is an obstacle that can have the...

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What to do when you know you need a change

Added 09 October 2015

What do you do when you know you need to change careers but have no idea what to? This was the question I’d asked myself again and again. I was a business consultant in the financial services, retail and government sectors. On the surface, I had a good job in a big company, a mortgage...

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8 Office Mistakes We All Make

Added 01 October 2015

We are all guilty of making mistakes in the office, and much of the time, we try not to talk about them. From taking credit for other people’s work to stealing the stationery, we’ve all made mistakes here and there, but have you ever wondered what everyone else is doing wrong, too? Here are eight...

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‘Find your passion’ is terrible career advice

Added 29 September 2015

Grand emotions tend to get a lot of play in the professional world: “Find your passion,” new graduates are told, as they sally forth into the job market, ready to try their hand at something that will hopefully pay them money. “Figure out where your bliss lies,” mid-career professionals are advised when they’re looking to...

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Almost half of UK employees want a career change

Added 27 September 2015

Excellent retention rates across the organisation don’t necessarily mean your staff are happy campers. Research by the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) has revealed that nearly half (47 per cent) of the UK’s workers would like to change their current career. Worryingly, in this study of 1,000 professionals, around a quarter (23 per...

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Seven ways to boost confidence at a job interview

Added 23 September 2015

Strike a power pose, picture your success and ‘make friends’ with your anxiety to exude confidence, say the experts. Aim to connect with interviewers, not impress them In an interview it’s important to come across as likeable. So, to maximise confidence, your energy should be focused on building a rapport with your interviewer rather than...

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