The 10 phrases on CVs that enrage employers the most

Added 21 September 2015

Surprisingly, employers don’t appreciate emojis, ‘inspirational’ quotes or novelty email addresses. A new study has revealed the ten phrases that annoy employers the most – including very commonly used sentences that many of us have probably used before. Research released today indicates recruiters are tired of reading cliches on job applications and the overused phrases can...

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18 things successful people do in the first 10 minutes of the workday

Added 20 September 2015

How you handle the first 10 minutes of your workday can largely determine how productive and effective you’ll be the rest of the day. “Getting off on the right foot isn’t just important with relationships. It’s important with the start of any workday, as well — particularly busy ones,” says Michael Kerr, an international business...

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The 25 best companies to work for in the UK

Added 11 September 2015

Glassdoor, the website that enables employees to post reviews of their company, has found that Google is the best employer to work for in the UK. The results were part of its ‘Best Places to Work – UK 2015 Employees’ Choice Awards’. It states Google’s benefits and care of employees as bieng world class, and...

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6 Steps to Finding Fulfilment at Work

Added 31 August 2015

We all love the idea of having a fulfilling career in theory, yet not enough of us pursue what they really want to do. Despite this, it is actually possible to find a fulfilling career, if we’d only try. Like many things, there is no magic wand that will make your dream job fall into...

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How To Improve Your Work Day

Added 28 August 2015

We all want to have a pleasant work day. While some days seem to get the better of us, the ability to work in an environment that allows us to feel secure while accomplishing specific tasks and goals is the dream. With that being said, here are some helpful tips that can help improve your...

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A beginners’ guide to finding a job using social media

Added 26 August 2015

LinkedIn is not the only social media platform to help you find a job. Twitter and Facebook can also make or break your career prospects. While many of us use social media on a daily basis to chat with friends and share photographs, it can also be an extremely powerful tool in the pursuit of...

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7 questions to ask yourself before your next job interview

Added 23 August 2015

Job interviews are never easy. But often it’s the case that the more you’re prepared, the better you’ll do. In a blog post, Salesforce’s director of content marketing, Alexa Schirtzinger, offers 7 do’s and don’ts to ace your next job interview. 1. Why are you REALLY interested in this particular position? Schirtzinger writes, “You’re applying for...

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